由主唱小斯、貝斯兼合成器手Molly、合成器節奏手Kim與鍵盤手Ching四人組成的「妮可醬 NekoJam」樂團,在2014年重新集結後,正式確立融合電音與搖滾的創作路線。繼2016年的作品〈看花〉與2017年〈I Feel So Good〉之後,終於在今年10月推出首張創作專輯《NKJ_1》。

Comprised of vocalist Sandra, bassist/synthesizer Molly, synth percussionist Kim and keyboardist Ching, Nekojam is an all-female Taiwanese band that reformed into its current line-up and musical genre in 2014. After releasing Vague Gloominess and I Feel So Good in 2016 and 2017 respectively, 2019 sees the band return to the spotlight with their first full length album NKJ_1

身為台灣罕見的全女生編制流行電子樂團備受關注的妮可醬,釋出首張專輯後也即刻公布喜訊:將於明年3月前往美國西南音樂節SXSW(South by Southwest)演出。代表中文電音擴展全新的活動分野路上,妮可醬的音樂女力蓄勢待發,今天極限誌團隊也與妮可醬的團員們相約對坐,聽她們訴說更多妮可醬的展望。

Being perhaps the only all-female electronic band in the Taiwanese music scene, Nekojam has always received their fair bit of attention from both fans and industry insiders. They were also keen to announce an important outing for them next year along the release of their new album: The band has been invited to play at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) next march. We at MaxMusic were lucky enough to sit down with Nekojam and talk a little bit about their new album, future prospects, and what they wish to bring to the Mandarin-electronica scene.    

Kim (Drum) , Sandra (Vocal), Molly (Bass, Synth), Ching (Keyboard)

成軍超過10年的妮可醬,因錄音師好友的建言而組成的全女子樂團,一路走來也歷經不少顛簸。妮可醬的團員曾因人生規劃停止樂團活動,Kim感嘆:「當時只是想重拾玩音樂的快樂,沒有特別想過樂團未來能發展至今。」拾回樂器的她們仍舊表現亮眼,回歸後更放手一博融入電子元素,其中從2016年發行的〈看花〉EP就能略見枝節,一首踏著流暢低音節奏與電氣旋律線而來的〈All I Want To Be〉,即能預見妮可醬從搖滾逐步轉化成電音曲風的企圖心。

Though Nekojam has been together as a band for more than a decade now, their musical career has not always been smooth sailing. Looking back on the band’s time together, Kim commented on how the band was originally formed due to a suggestion from an audio engineer friend, while also stating that: “I really just wanted to rediscover my passion for music, and never imagined that the band would be where it is today”. Nekojam was unfortunately put on hiatus due to members not being able to commit fully to pursuing a career in music, and it wasn’t until the band reformed in 2014 that they decided to infuse more electronic elements. Their wish to transition from rock to electronica in evident in their track “All I Want To Be” from their 2016 EP Vague Gloominess, with smooth bass beats supplementing a synth laden melody line.          

Kim – 合成器節奏手 (Synth Percussionist)


Most of Nekojam’s composing duties have long been taken care of by Molly, and according to her: “Most of the material we used for our comeback originated in demos I had wrote, which we ended up supplementing with new elements. I think with coming back to the stage with a new genre of music was more difficult than actually writing and composing it; as we ended up putting much more effort into adjusting how instruments would be used live. ”

Molly – 負責主要創作的貝斯手兼合成器
(Main composer of the band, who is on the bass and synthesizer)


Another change that Nekojam made to their music was how they decided to be more honest with the music they made: “We started to incorporate elements of house, electro and other pop elements into rock, which was something we sort of feared doing in the past. There were some fans that were drawn to this new approach, and we also feel this helped us open a new demographic.” Keyboardist Ching commented.

Ching – 鍵盤手(Keyboardist)


Nekojam singed in to the newly formed electronic division of Rock Records-ROKON in 2016, and NKJ_1 is the band’s first full-length effort since joining the label. In regards to the name of the new record, lead vocalist Sandra put it as: “This marks the first album we made since the band reformed, and we decided to give it a simple numeric label, as we felt it fit perfectly with what it meant to us.”

妮可醬 NEKOJAM【低調的情歌敗給了高調的情歌 Bling Bling】

今年9月,以一首搶先主打曲〈低調的情歌敗給了高調的情歌〉,一如英文歌名「Bling Bling」耀眼地成功捕捉大眾目光。討喜的旋律、俏皮的節奏,幽默地運用科技感十足的樂器與音律,歌唱對現代科技的反諷,「我們喜歡的英國影集《黑鏡》建構了未來故事及對此批判,我們在專輯裡也書寫對美好科技時代的感悟與反諷。用繽紛可愛的歌詞與旋律,詼諧唱出受現代科技影響後的社會問題。」小斯繼續解釋:「妮可醬的呈現方式沒有像黑鏡那麼嚴肅及深刻,我認為我們是灰色的,也許是想成為另種層面的『灰鏡』吧!」

The first single off the album “Bling Bling” was released in September, and keeping in tone with the title, soon captured the attention of the public. With a catchy melody, cute beats, and a humorous inclusion of some instruments that sound technologically advanced, the track serves as a reflection of technology and modern society. Vocalist Sandra continues to explain: “We are all fans of how the British TV show Black Mirror has been able to captivate imaginations of a somewhat dystopian future. And this somewhat scary relationship between humans, technology, and societal issues was what we wanted to write about in this album. Obviously we didn’t take such a bleak approach toward the subject matter with our colorful and cute lyrics, so maybe we are more or less a Grey Mirror, so to speak. ”

Sandra – 主唱 (Lead vocalist)


The next single to come off the album was “This Way”. Though the English title makes no
mention of the Mandarin version’s ghostly original title, the single was released on Oct.31st to coincide with Halloween. Alien Huang was also invited to be featured in the track, and also helmed the duty of music video director. “It was an interesting experience for us to film the video in an elementary school. It was summer vacation which meant the school was semi-deserted, which really fit with the overall tone of the track. It was also surreal for us to get back into school uniforms for the shoot.” Sandra continued to ask us if we felt the bunny masks in the video were frightening, while also stating: “Alien Huang was really helpful on the set, giving us tips on acting and performing in front of the camera; we also discovered that Ching is really good at expressing emotions through her eyes, which means she has great acting potential that I don’t, ha-ha!”. Sitting across from us, Ching went on to say: “Acting was a lot of fun, and I would really like to try something like this again!”   

妮可醬 NekoJam【有鬼 feat. 黃鴻升This Way feat. Alien Huang】

公布專輯資訊後,立即受邀前往美國南方音樂節「SXSW」的妮可醬,在音樂節的官網上佔了首頁版面,「幾年前SXSW的主辦單位就有聽過我們的音樂,並且希望我們能夠過去美國演出。直至最近我們發行了第一張專輯,馬上就收到SXSW的熱情邀約,感到很榮幸。」問及今年的Line-Up有沒有想看的音樂人,Molly回應:「很期待這趟美國之旅,今年的SXSW有一組名為『Nasty Cherry』的英國全女子搖滾樂團,我一直有在關注,希望這次有機會能親眼看看她們的演出。」

Soon after announcing release information for their new album, Nekojam were delighted to receive an invitation to SXSW next march. According to the band, the promoters of SXSW have long had them on their radar, and thought that an invitation to the festival would be able to help Nekojam further promote themselves and the new album. When asked if there were any bands they would be looking forward to seeing at SXSW, Molly answered: “There’s an all-female British band Nasty Cherry that I’ve been following for a long time, and this should be the chance where I finally get to see them play live.”

妮可醬 NekoJam in SXSW 2020

妮可醬為中文電音開啟新的扉頁,屬於她們的時代看似正要開始,儘管走上嶄新而光明的起點,未來仍漫漫長路。擁有冷峻美艷外表,私底下對談活潑熱情的妮可醬,在面對即將迎來的新的一年時,依舊保持積極樂觀,她們告訴我們:「若要用一首歌總結2019年,我想我們會選〈手分手〉,這首歌的英文名字是『Be Yourself』。一面揮別過往時光,勇敢做自己,才能邁向更美好的未來。」

Nekojam is perhaps embarking on a journey that will shape Mandarin-electronica in the years to come. While what the future will bring for the band is still open to anyone’s interpretation, one thing that we did take away from this interview, aside from what we learned about their new album, was that though they might seem cold and distant at first glance, they are in fact both warm and lively individuals in private. We asked them if they could choose one of their new tracks to summarize 2019, and Nekojam suggested the song “Be Yourself”. The song was chosen as it both represents how the band was moving away from their past and embracing a future in a new genre, while also symbolizing the strength it took for them to leave what they had known so well behind.


煙火 把願望拋進夜空
Beautiful so beautiful
手分手 燃燒了才能閃爍
Push yourself push yourself
Don’t run away, don’t run away Farewell
Beautiful so beautiful

With determination and confidence, Nekojam has not only severed their connection to previous incarnations of their music, but are also taking on the challenge of writing and preforming a whole new genre of music, just as the lyrics of “Be Yourself”:

煙火 把願望拋進夜空
Beautiful so beautiful
手分手 燃燒了才能閃爍
Push yourself push yourself
Don’t run away, don’t run away Farewell
Beautiful so beautiful

妮可醬 NEKOJAM【手分手 Be Yourself】


Q. 妮可醬團員中,誰是點子王?
– Molly!(齊聲)

Q. 團員中誰最少根筋?
– Kim:「應該是我吧?」(其他團員應聲同意)

Q. 如果用動物形容妮可醬的團員,四人分別是什麼?
– Molly是貓!(齊聲)
– 小斯是蜂鳥,又或是鸚鵡?(小斯:「總之是鳥類,可能因為我話太多了(笑)」)
– Kim是山羊或是狗(而且是大狗,毛茸茸的拉布拉多),或是魚(Kim:「七秒記憶的部分
– Ching很可愛又古靈精怪,感覺是小兔子。

Q. 聖誕節要到了,請妮可醬分享認為台北最浪漫的地方
– Molly:烏來,十分靜謐且風景很美。
– Kim:我推薦天母,喜歡那邊有種山城感的異國風情。
– 小斯:我有個朋友在東區開了間西班牙小餐館,叫做「PS TAPAS」,想推薦給大家。有的時候
– Ching:松山機場附近的飛機巷,可以看飛機起飛很浪漫!

妮可醬「你 可 姬 漫」演唱會



妮可醬 首次巡迴演唱趴 

演出日期:2020/1/4 (六)
演出地址:台北市中山區玉門街1號 | 捷運圓山站1號出口花博廣場內
啟售時間:2019/12/7 (六) 中午12點

票  價:
⟣ 早鳥票 NT$400(Sold Out)
⟣ 預售票 NT$450
⟣ 現場票 NT$500

主辦單位:滾石國際音樂 ROKON 滾石電音

翻譯・文字:Andrew Hsieh
圖片提供:ROKON 滾石電音