[馬來西亞 Malaysia]

 城市巨響音樂節 City Roars

城市巨響音樂節(英文名為 City ROARS!)是首個由馬來西亞與台灣兩地音樂廠牌聯合創辦的大型音樂節。由擴音版圖(Soundscape Records)和浮現音樂 (Emerge Music)構成,動態度 (Dong Tai Du)和現場因素(Live Fact)協辦,並獲得吉隆坡表演藝術中心(KLPAC)以及藝人館三十周年慶(The Actors Studio 30th Anniversary)的大力支持。


City Roars Fest is the first ever festival co-curated by local label Soundscape Records and Emerge Music from Taiwan, the festival is jointly-produced and Dong Tai Du and Live Fact with support from KLPAC and The Actors Studio 30th Anniversary.

The festival was held at KLPAC on 12th January 2019, There was the first year and had 20 bands from Taiwan and Malaysia were invited to perform, including : JADE EYES, WAVE BREAK BLOCK, Youth banana, Village Armed Youth and Tolaku. The music genre include pop, rock, folk, electronics, punk, post-roll, experiment and tradition.

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天空音樂節 Tian Kong Music Festival

天空音樂節是馬來西亞第一個大型戶外中文音樂節,由獨立音樂品牌『耳福音樂』2018年開始組織運作。今年主題為「品味城市生活」,於7/27&7/28在吉隆坡KWC StarXpo Centre 舉行,兩天共有14組海內外歌手音樂人演出。

今年是第二次與駐馬來西亞臺北經濟辦事處合作,台灣有六組樂團分別有謝震廷、孫盛希、以莉高露、Deca Joins、老王樂隊及茄子蛋受邀演出。

Tian Kong Music Festival is the first large outdoor Chinese music festival in Malaysia. It’s organized by the independent music label ” Eargasm” in 2018. This year’s theme was “Taste of City Life”, which was held at the KWC StarXpo Centre in Kuala Lumpur on 7/27 & 7/28. There were 14 groups of musicians performing in two days.

It was the second time to cooperate with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia this year, and there were six Taiwanese bands invited to perform, including : Eli Hsieh, Shi Shi, Ilid Kaolo, Deca Joins, Your Woman Sleep with Others and EggPlantEgg.

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Taiwan X Malaysia Musician Exchange


配合政府推動新南向政策,文化部影視及流行音樂產業局規劃的交流會,除了邀請台馬雙方音樂人聚集交流之外,也增設論壇活動,促進台馬音樂人合作機會,也讓彼此了解各自音樂產業的最新趨勢。第一屆於去年9月在吉隆坡表演藝術中心(KLPAC)舉辦「台馬音樂人交流會」,有近130位台灣和馬來西亞音樂產業相關人士共同參與,來自台灣的歌手陳建年、柯智棠、吳汶芳和馬來西亞當地歌手REZA SALLEH聯手呈現的「台灣之夜」,更讓許多歌迷留下美好記憶。

今年第二屆台馬音樂人交流會於8月30日登場,「台灣之夜」邀請了新生代文藝女神鄭宜農、搖滾樂團大象體操和金曲獎最佳原住民語歌手獎得主查勞.巴西瓦里獻唱,此外也邀來馬來西亞著名電子搖滾樂團Pastel Lite共同演出。


The 2019 Taiwan x Malaysia Musician Exchange, held jointly by record label Taiwan Colors Music and the Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID), is taken place in Kuala Lumpur on Aug/30.

In accordance with the government’s New Southbound Policy, BAMID organized the Taiwan x Malaysia Musician Exchange for the second year. Both Taiwanese and Malaysian musicians will perform at the event, and there will also be forums for them to exchange ideas, learn about the latest developments in the music industry, and set up collaborative projects.

The event was first held at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre in September 2018, with nearly 130 musicians and members of the music industry participating in the event. Performances by Taiwanese singers Pandull (陳建年), Kowen Ko (柯智棠), and Fang Wu (吳汶芳) left a lasting impression of the island in music lovers’ minds.

This year’s Taiwan Beats Showcase, a night celebrating Taiwanese music, is feature indie singer-songwriter Enno Cheng (鄭宜農), Kaohsiung rock band Elephant Gym (大象體操), and Golden Melody Award-winning indigenous singer Chalaw Basiwali (查勞.巴西瓦里). The Malaysian indie-pop duo Pastel Lite has also been invited to join them on stage, reported the Central News Agency.

In order to let the Taiwan music industry have more opportunities in Southeast Asia to have the new market development in two years. The policy except develops Malaysia, not only went to Thailand last year, but also arrives to Philippines this year.

[西班牙&葡萄牙 Spain & Porto]

Primavera Sound 春之聲音樂節

Primavera Sound春之聲音樂節,每年的5月底至6月初在西班牙巴塞羅那和葡萄牙波爾圖舉行。第一年於2001年在Poble Espanyol舉行,並於2005年遷至Parc del Fòrum,一個位於海濱的更大的場地。

音樂節總是能成功地帶來最新穎的獨立音樂和藝術家的整合風潮,同時展現各種風格和流派 ,並帶著全面性的流行樂,搖滾樂和最地下電子與舞曲音樂的流行趨勢。

Meuko! Meuko!和雷擎,兩組台灣藝人受邀於5/27- 6/2做演出,同時也邀請KKFarm的吳柏蒼先生於音樂節之專業論壇發表「OurSong: Sharing music ownersip」演說,分享該公司新創音樂計畫的概念及運作模式。

Primavera Sound is an annually music festival takes place between the end of May and beginning of June in Barcelona, Spain and Porto, Portugal. The first edition took place in 2001 in Poble Espanyol and in 2005 it moved to the Parc del Fòrum, a much larger site on the seafront.

The festival has always succeeded in bringing together in its line up both the latest independent music tendencies and artists with a consolidated career, while presenting all styles and genres and being fully committed to quality pop, rock and the most underground tendencies of electronic and dance music.

Taiwanese artists Meuko! Meuko! and L8ching were invited to perform this year from May 27 through June 2. Pochang Wu (吳柏蒼) was also invited to present ” OurSong: Sharing music ownersip ” speech to share the concept and operation mode of his company’s(KKFarm) new music project.

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[ 法國 France ]


MIDEM (Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale),每年在法國著名的坎城節慶宮舉行,是一年一度的國際音樂產業盛會,更是優秀藝人向全世界展現音樂實力的舞台。貿易展覽會首次舉辦於1967年,被譽為國際領先性音樂生態系統商業活動。

MIDEM的Taiwan Beats台灣之夜演出活動於6/5和6/7舉行,此活動力求展示現代台灣音樂的多樣性和活力,台灣藝人由家家、呂薔以及Sonia Calico這三位藝人將帶著各自獨特的背景和創造力到法國Cannes做展現。

Midem (Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale) is organised annually in and around the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France. It is an annual international music industry event, and it is a stage for outstanding artists to show their musical strength to the world.The trade show, which is billed as the leading international business event for the music ecosystem, has been held since 1967.

Taiwanese artists Jia Jia, Amuyi, and Sonia Calico were performing at the Taiwan Beats event in MIDEM on the 5th and 7th of June. The event seeked to illustrate the diversity and energy of modern Taiwanese music, with the three artists bringing their unique backgrounds and creativity to Cannes.

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[ 美國 USA  ]

SXSW South by Southwest

South by Southwest (SXSW),每一年會在美國德克薩斯州奧斯汀舉行的一系列電影、互動式多媒體和音樂的藝術節與論壇。首屆始於1987年,隨著每年舉行規模持續成長。其中SXSW音樂節是世界上同類型音樂節中為最大規模的一個,有超過2,000組表演者參與其中。

SXSW 2019回歸以往流行舉辦的Taiwan Beats之夜,其活動的整體目標是要展示出台灣充滿活力的獨立音樂場景。今年有六組藝人代表台灣,包括有:大象體操、My Skin Against Your Skin 激膚、邱比、茄子蛋、 The Fur. 以及I Mean Us。

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual conglomerate of Film, Interactive media, and Music festivals and Conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. It began in 1987 and has continued to grow in both scope and size every year. Especially SXSW Music is the largest music festival of its kind in the world, with more than 2,000 acts.

SXSW 2019 saw the return of the popular Taiwan Beats night, with the overall goal of showcasing the vibrant independent music scene in Taiwan. Six sets of artists were scheded to represent Taiwan this year, including: Elephant Gym, My Skin Against Your Skin, CHIU PI, EggPlantEgg, The Fur., and I Mean Us.

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紐約中央公園夏日音樂祭 – 台灣之夜
Summer Stage – Taiwanese Waves

紐約中央公園夏日音樂祭(Summer Stage)是紐約市夏祭最大的免費音樂節,由紐約市公園基金會主辦。開辦迄今已有35年歷史,每年估計吸引超過60萬人次參加,是紐約市暑假最家喻戶曉的戶外音樂活動。近年來音樂祭逐漸茁壯,不僅成為紐約高優質的戶外表演藝術節,亦被視為無可取代且最具突破性的表演活動,享譽國際。

Taiwanese Waves為Summer Stage的臺灣之夜,由在美國求學的Mia嚴敏發起,2016年CPF首度邀請臺灣樂團參加Summer Stage,成為亞洲區第一個團隊站上Summer Stage的國家,成功吸引4500名觀眾到場,創下當季單場人數最高紀錄。

Taiwanese Waves 2019在8/3晚間登場,以Voices of Female Taiwanese為主題,邀請了三組各具鮮明風格的台灣女聲:阿爆、Tizzy Bac、9M88、萬芳,四位剛柔並濟的優質女聲將接力造浪,再次翻新紐約聽眾對於台灣音樂的認識。

City Parks Foundation’s SummerStage Festival (Summer Stage) is the largest free music festival in summer in New York City, hosted by the City Parks Foundation (CPF). It has been in 35 years and is estimated to attract more than 600,000 people per year. It is the most popular outdoor music event in New York City’s summer vacation. In recent years, the music festival has grown stronger and hasn’t only become a high quality outdoor performance festival in New York, but also regarded as an irreplaceable and most groundbreaking performance events, renowned internationally.

Taiwanese Waves is The Taiwan Night for Summer Stage was initiated by Mia Min Yen, who studied in the United States. In 2016, CPF invited Taiwanese bands to participate in Summer Stage for the first time. It became the first group of Asian musicians to stand on Summer Stage and successfully attracted 4,500 spectators. The field, the highest number of singles in the quarter.

Taiwanese Waves 2019 debuted on the evening of August 3. With the theme of Voices of Female Taiwanese, three groups of Taiwanese female voices with distinctive styles were invited: Abao, Tizzy Bac, 9M88, Wan Fang, four high-quality female voices were able to make waves and renovate the New York audience’s understanding of Taiwanese music.

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[ 南韓 Korea ]

仁川搖滾音樂節 Pentaport Rock Festival


今年有台灣三組樂團,董事長樂團、八十八顆芭樂籽 88balaz、美秀集團參與音樂節的演出。

is held annually in Incheon, South Korea for three days at the end of July. It is considered as one of the biggest live music events in South Korea. The festival covers various genres of music, but mainly rock music and electronic music.

There were three Taiwanese bands performing in this year, including: The Chairman Band, 88balaz and Amazing Show.

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 [ 瑞典 Sweden ] 

Live at Heart

Live at Heart是位在瑞典的一個商務交易型的音樂節,音樂節始於2009年,今年正逢十週年,且固定在9月的第一週舉行。音樂節每年都擁有25-30個舞台,並且邀請200-250個來自20多國的音樂人、國際50個音樂節策展單位以及500個廠牌單位,參與這場國際音樂產業的交流會。音樂節同時也拓展到加拿大紐芬蘭省,創立Live at Heart Newfoundland音樂節,締結姊妹合作。團隊也以Live at Heart為名在瑞典的其他小城市音樂節進行巡迴演出交流。

藉由廠牌們的市場潛力探索的感知專業力,Live at Heart音樂節也與台灣的金曲國際音樂節進行演藝節目的合作交換,兩國的音樂人代表分別參與彼此的音樂節做演出。2018到2019年來自瑞典的The Magnettes以及Royal Prospect分別參與金曲國際音樂節做演出,2018年台灣第一組赴瑞典Live at Heart音樂節演出的是夜貓組,今年則由Flux出演。

Live at Heart is a showcase festival in Sweden. It started 2009 and celebrate 10 years this year. The festival is always held on the first week of September. The festival has between 25 to 30 stages each year and invites between 200 to 250 artists to showcase for the international music industry. It usually has representatives from 50 festivals, 500 industry delegates around the world and artists from over 20 different countries. The festival also has a sister festival in Canada on Newfoundland called Live at Heart Newfoundland. They also do several smaller city festivals in Sweden under the name Live at Heart on Tour.

Through the company Discovery Sensation, Live at Heart has an exchange program with Golden Melody Festival in Taiwan where both send artists to each other’s showcase festival.From Sweden. The artists The Magnettes and Royal Prospect have performed on Golden Melody Festival during 2018 to 2019. The first act to get to Live at Heart 2018 was Yeemao and get visited by Flux from Taiwan this year.

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 [ 加拿大 Canada ]

NXNE North by Northeast 

North by Northeast (NXNE),每年六月在加拿大安大略省多倫多,所舉辦一年一度的音樂藝術節。活動主要的內容是Live演出,也包括電影節,喜劇節,藝術裝置,視覺遊戲互動和數位互動媒體會議。音樂節更是有超過650個表演團體在50多處的各類場所表演。

NXNE 2019是音樂節的第25週年,台灣的三組樂團有皇后皮箱、My Skin Against Your Skin 激膚 以及April Red 紅,於6/11日做演出,一同慶祝音樂節。

North by Northeast (NXNE) is an annual music and arts festival held each June in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The festival’s main is live music, and it also includes a film festival, a comedy festival, art components, video game activities, and a digital interactive media conference. The festival events have more than 650 acts and happen in more than 50 various venues.

NXNE 2019 is the 25th anniversary. To join this celebration, three Taiwanese bands, Queen Suitcase, April Red, and My Skin Against Your Skin, were performing at the festival at June 11th.

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 [ 日本 Japan ] 

夏日音速音樂祭 Summer Sonic

日本 Summer Sonic音樂祭創立於2000年,以國內主流以及國際藝人為主打。每一年度在8月舉行為期2-3天的搖滾音樂祭,並同時在大阪及東京舉行。今年是20週年,共吸引30萬人次參與。

台灣的三組藝人:八三夭、蕭秉治、9m88以及AI feat. 頑童MJ116,分別在 8/16以及8/18於東京場做演出。

Summer Sonic was founded in 2000 in Japan, with a focus on major national and international acts. It is an annual 2 or 3-day rock festival held at the same time in Osaka and Tokyo in August. This year is the 20th anniversary and attracted a total of 300,000 participants.

There were four Taiwanese bands, including : 831, Xiao Bing Chih, 9m88 and AI feat. 頑童MJ116 performed in Tokyo at August 16th and August 18th.

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富士搖滾音樂祭 Fuji Rock Festival

富士搖滾音樂祭Fuji Rock Festival)位於日本新潟縣的苗場滑雪場舉行,是一年一度的搖滾音樂祭,為期3天,由Smash Japan所組織規劃的活動。有超過兩百組以上的日本國內及國際音樂人演出,為日本目前最大規模的戶外音樂活動。


今年共吸引17萬人次參與,台灣的新浪漫樂團 – 落日飛車,今年也受邀至富士搖滾音樂祭演出。

Fuji Rock Festival is an annual rock festival held in Naeba Ski Resort, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The three-day event. It’s organized by Smash Japan, features more than 200 Japanese and international musicians, making it the largest outdoor music event in Japan.

Fuji Rock Festival is named so because the first event in 1997 was held at the base of Mount Fuji. Since 1999 the festival has been held in the different place.The team still using Mount Fuji as an image of the event.

The festival attracted a total of 170,000 participants in this year. Taiwanese new romantic band – Sunset Rollercoaste was also invited to perform.

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在全球的音樂產業中,近幾年台灣的獨立音樂,不論是搖滾或電子等風格,逐步走向世界舞台。這其中包含許多業界人士的努力推動,雖然比較起歐美或日本,我們的發展史並不來得如此長遠。但在與國外盛會的交流下,也將使我們的做法更為成熟,如近幾年台灣蓬勃發展的活動市場,雖然許多尚有改良空間,但也著實的跨出了大大的一步,在國外動輒20週年的音樂節比比皆是,而國內初期的音樂祭能否撐過前5年都是一大難題。而音樂產業的提升,必須從在地的展演空間、 音樂教育、 器材知識等多方環節共同成長,才拿打造一個健全的環境。

精選文章同步收錄於 MaxMusic 極限音樂誌 2019 秋季號


Credit by : Taiwan Beats / Andrew Hsieh 、 Taiwan Beats /Brien John 、文化部、
中華民國文化 總會、TAIPEI (Taiwan News)、角頭音樂、ShoLar Wang